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Self Defense Products
Protect Yourslef and Your Family

Here at Shearer Locksmith and Shearer Security Devices we do our best to provide security solutions you can use in everyday life.  As part of our continued efforts to serve you, we now carry a vast array of self defense products from Tasers to security whistles.

Crime is on the rise after a short decline in the late 90's and you can never be too careful.  A self defense product could mean the difference between life or death for you or your family wherever you are.  Crime happens in the home, the car, the workplace so being prepared should be your primary concern.  Self defense devices such as pepper sprays can be purchased for just a few dollars and can be life saving. 


We now carry the most advanced personal security device, the Taser C2.  If  you are serious about your personal security, the Taser C2 is your new best friend.  The Taser C2 is 100% legal in nearly all of Pennsylvania and there is no licence required to carry it.  This Taser does NOT look like a gun and is compact enough to carry in a purse.  Find out more about Taser Here.

Self Defense Products We Sell:

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